Installing Fox on Linux

You can install Fox under Linux either by compiling it from source or by using pre-built packages for your Linux distribution (currently only Debian).

Compiling from source

To compile Fox under Linux, please follow the instructions to compile Fox under Linux, which describe the requirements and the compilation itself.

Using pre-built packages

Debian package

Thanks to Carlo Segre, Fox is now available in Debian in the objcryst-fox package. As of 2008/11/16, this package is available in the unstable branch of Debian. See the sid/objcryst-fox package page.

If you are running Debian squeeze or more recent (e.g. wheezy), all you need to install Fox is:

Carlo Segre's packages are also available from his debian-xray repository.

Ubuntu package

The Debian package is also available in Ubuntu as the objcryst-fox package. It can be installed using:

This will work for any Ubuntu version since Lucid (10.04), although upgrading to a more recent version is recommended.

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