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 *'''[#mdk Mandriva]'''
 *'''[#fedora Fedora]'''
 *'''[#suse Suse]'''
 *'''[#mdk Mandriva]'''[[BR]]
 *'''[#fedora Fedora]'''[[BR]]
 *'''[#suse Suse]'''[[BR]]
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  ```tar -xjf Fox-20031213.tar.bz2```

  ```cd Fox-20031213```


  ```make install``` (for this last step you must be root).
  tar -xjf Fox-20031213.tar.bz2
  cd Fox-20031213
  make install (for this last step you must be root).

Compiling F.O.X. under Linux is normally easy (it is developped using Mandriva Linux). The only difficulty is getting the right graphic libraries (wxWidgets and OpenGL+glut). As always, send me an email at vincefn@users.sf.net if you have any trouble with the installation.


  • [#lib 1. Install the required graphical libraries]

  • [#fox 2. Get, compile & install Fox]

Installing the required graphics libraries

Anchor(lib) Below are specific instructions to install the required graphics libaries for the following distributions :

  • [#mdk Mandriva]BR

  • [#fedora Fedora]BR

  • [#suse Suse]BR

Please add or correct the instructions for your distribution...

General Instructions (if your distribution is not listed below)[[Anchor(general)]]

To install F.O.X. under Linux:

  • You will need valid libraries and development files for OpenGL. You may require a specific library for your card (NVidia,...), the Mesa, Mesa-devel, Xfree-devel or libxorg-devel packages. You will also need to install the glut or freeglut library (in Fox v1.5, this was not necessary but the new method does not work as expected on some graphic drivers... You can stick to the Fox v.1.5 method by removing the "-DHAVE_GLUT" and "-lglut" in the Fox/ObjCryst/rules.mak file). For all major distributions, these packages are included either in the default install or as an additionnal package.

  • You will also need to download and install the wxWidgets for GTK+ shared libraries (you need the wxGTK, wxGTK-gl and wxGTK-devel packages). Note that starting with Fox 1.6, only wxWindows > 2.4.x are supported

    • With wxGTK-2.4.*, after the install you must do:
      • ln -s /usr/bin/wxgtk-2.4-config /usr/bin/wx-config or

      • ln -s /usr/bin/wxgtk2-2.4-config /usr/bin/wx-config depending which version you have...

Mandrake & Mandriva


Mandriva 10.2 (200(LE)

  • The required packages (just urpmi followed by tha package names - you need the main and contrib rpm repositories) are :

    • Development packages (should be obvious but...): gcc gcc-c++ gcc-cpp gcc-g77

    • wxWidgets : libwxgtk2.6 libwxgtk2.6-devel libwxgtkgl2.6 wxGTK2.6 libwxgtkgl2.6

    • OpenGL and glut: libMesaGLU1 libMesaGLU1-devel libMesaglut3 libMesaglut3-devel

    • Xorg development package : libxorg-x11-devel


Anchor(fedora) This is partially a guess since I do not have this distribution, so feel free to correct these

Fedora Core 3 & 4

  • Development packages (should be obvious but...): gcc gcc-c++ gcc-g77

  • wxWidgets (in the extra packages): wxGTK2-2.4.2 wxGTK2-devel-2.4.2 wxGTK2-gl-2.4.2 wxGTK2-stc-2.4.2 wxGTK2-xrc-2.4.2

  • OpenGL and glut: xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU freeglut freeglut-devel 

  • Xorg development package : xorg-x11-devel


Anchor(suse) This is partially a guess since I do not have this distribution, so feel free to correct these

SuSE 9.3

  • Development packages (should be obvious but...): gcc gcc-c++ gcc-g77

  • wxWidgets:  wxGTK wxGTK-compat wxGTK-debuginfo wxGTK-devel wxGTK-gl 

  • OpenGL and glut: freeglut freeglut-debuginfo freeglut-devel xorg-x11-Mesa xorg-x11-Mesa-devel

  • Xorg development package : xorg-x11-devel

Get, compile & installing Fox

Anchor(fox) Get the Fox.tar.bz2 from [http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=27546&release_id=203604 SourceForge], [ftp://ftp.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp14/ftp-mirror/objcryst/ CCP14(UK)], [http://ccp14.sims.nrc.ca/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/objcryst/ CCP14(Canada)] or [http://ccp14.semo.edu/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/objcryst/ CCP14(USA)]

Then compile and install Fox:

  tar -xjf Fox-20031213.tar.bz2
  cd Fox-20031213
  make install (for this last step you must be root).

Fox will be installed in /usr/local/bin/Fox. Otherwise the compiled file is in the src/Fox subdirectory.

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